August 16, 2017


City of Pelham Pelham Civic Complex

8 Total CPE Credits


The Eight Hour MBA: Key Concepts of Adding Value

  • Instructor

    Jennifer Elder

Learning Objectives

  • Identify legal issues with corporate management, employee manuals, intellectual property and contracts
  • Identify components of a contract
  • Recognize ways to protect intellectual Properties
  • Identify the impact of a disaster
  • Recognize important assets
  • Avoid a disaster increase from fear
  • Define the purpose and use of a fraud risk assessment
  • Determine where the greatest opportunity of committing fraud is in an organization
  • Identify the key components in a financial statement analysis
  • Identify the components in a ration analysis
  • Identify methods for predicting cash flow
  • Recognize techniques that will lead to greater confidence in any negotiation situation
  • Identify when to use the anchor effect in negotiating
  • Identify the two types of negotiations
  • Identify the seven skills of negotiation
  • Identify how to keep the negotiation positive

Major Topics

  • The Eight Hour MBA - Addinig Value contains the following modules:
  • Basics of Business Law - Corporate Management; Employee Handbook; Intellectual Property; Contract Law; Contract Components
  • Best Practices for Better Budgeting and Planning - Corporate Management; Employee Handbook; Intellectual Property; Contract Law; Contract Components
  • Faster Disaster Recovery - Common Disasters; Uncommon Disasters; Preparing for a Disaster; Disaster Recovery
  • Ferreting Out Fraud - Fraud Triangle; Fraud Risk Factors; Warning Signs of Fraud; Fraud Prevention
  • Insightful Financial Analysis - The financial analysis process; Corporate overview; Industry analysis; Business strategy; Ratio analysis; Cash sufficiency; DuPont analysis; Horizontal and vertical analysis; Continuity plan
  • Nuances of Negotiating - Using your network; Drafting a battle plan; Setting expectations; Closing the gap; Using "Yes and"
  • Don't give in

CPE Credits Available

Total CPE
Management Services

Things to Know About This Course

Course Level

  • Basic



Advanced Preparation


Intended Audience

CPAs, corporate finance teams, business leaders and other financial professionals


Business Learning Institute

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