April 1, 2024


1 Total CPE Credits


Accounting of the Soul: Making the World a Better Place

  • Instructor

    Robbie Glantz

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, you will be able to...

  • Identify behavioral ethics and how our behaviors impact the world around us.
  • Recognize what is meant by professionalism and its relationship to ethics.
  • Recall benefits and obstacles to Compassion.
  • Identify causes of bad gossip and ways to minimize impact in the workplace.
  • Recognize the importance of gratitude in our daily lives at work and at home.

Major Topics

The major topics covered in this course include:

  • Overview of Virtue Ethics and the Common Good
  • Professionalism
  • The Virtue of Compassion
  • Gossip in the Workplace
  • Gratitude

CPE Credits Available

Total CPE
Behavioral Ethics

Things to Know About This Course

Course Level

  • Basic

Professional Area of Focus

  • Personnel/Human Resources

Advanced Preparation


Intended Audience

All individuals interested in making the world a better place


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