August 26, 2021


4 Total CPE Credits


K2's Mastering Advanced Excel Functions

  • Instructor

    Brian Tankersley

Learning Objectives

  • List examples of best practices for constructing formulas in Excel spreadsheets
  • Identify situations in which each of the following functions might be useful: SUMIFS, SWITCH, and STOCKHISTORY
  • Distinguish between the XLOOKUP function and legacy Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH
  • Cite examples of when using Dynamic Arrays would be useful
  • Differentiate between Excel's AGGREGATE and SUBTOTAL functions
  • Identify conditions in which the FORECAST.ETS function is preferable to the FORECAST function

CPE Credits Available

Total CPE
Computer Science

Things to Know About This Course

Course Level

  • Intermediate


Fundamental knowledge of Excel 2016 or newer

Advanced Preparation


Intended Audience

Business professionals who work with Excel and want to extend their knowledge of advanced features and functions to become more accurate, effective, and efficient with spreadsheets


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