August 24, 2017


Joy Knodel, General Manager Holiday Inn Mobile

8 Total CPE Credits


Determining How Much Money You Need to Retire, and Tax Ideas and Money Management in Retirement

Learning Objectives

  • *Identify the success factors in building a retirement nest egg
  • Explain the relationship between risk and return and the investment horizon
  • Describe the tax effect of inflation, its interaction with the income tax, and the effects of taxation on investment performance
  • Explain survival probabilities as well as how first-to-die and last-to-die survival probabilities are used in retirement planning for married couples
  • Discuss the pros and cons of using annuities as investment and payout vehicles for retirement
  • Describe the complex tax, legal, and financial elements of life insurance and summarize the uses for it in retirement planning
  • Explain how clients can convert home equity to retirement income
  • Summarize key points of recent research on the sustainability of retirement income and maintenance of desired retirement liefstyles

Major Topics

  • Asset allocation, portfolio management, portfolio rebalancing, and investment selection concepts, before and after retirement, tax-saving investment transactions, and the optimal asset mix between retirement plans and taxable savings
  • Historical guidelines for nominal and real after-tax returns
  • NEW expanded section on understanding expenditure patterns in retirement and the level and risk associated with out-of-pocket medical expenses in retirement
  • Worksheets/formulas for determining how much money one needs to assure a financially secure retirement
  • Distribution/asset liquidation planning including the pros and cons of various annuity options, guidelines/strategies using the minimum required distribution rules for qualified plans and IRAs, beneficiary elections, and the use of trusts
  • Sustainable portfolio withdrawal rates during retirement for differing stock/bond/cash asset allocations, inflation rates, and tax rates both from tax deferred accounts and taxable accounts
  • Analysis of the regular IRA to Roth IRA conversion election
  • Variable annuities vs. mutual funds; Roth IRAs vs. regular IRAs; and the use of life insurance in a pension maximization strategy
  • Analyzing the impact of recent tax law, regulations, and rulings
  • Analyses of the most current/important research on retirement planning and sustaining retirement income levels and lifestyles

CPE Credits Available

Total CPE
Management Services

Things to Know About This Course

Course Level

  • Intermediate

Professional Area of Focus

  • Personal Financial Planning


Basic knowledge in retirement planning

Advanced Preparation


Intended Audience

CPAs who wish to serve the needs of the public for whom effective retirement planning is critical as they reach their peak earning years and/or are approaching retirement.


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