November 19, 2022


2.5 Total CPE Credits


Character and Trust: Without Them is Like Exploring a Cave Without Proper Lighting, the Footing is Treacherous

Learning Objectives


  • To gain a better understanding of critical attributes of character
  • To gain self-awareness of one's own character
  • To learn an approach in evaluating the character of an individual
  • To learn various levels of trust (from individual to societal)
  • To understand the types of trust
  • To learn an approach to ascertaining the trustworthiness of you and others
  • To learn what a toxic trust environment looks like
  • To learn an antibiotic to deal with the toxic trust
  • To provide additional perspective to effectively develop people and minimize the adverse consequences of individuals and cultures with character and/or trust issues


Major Topics

  • Character Definition
  • Critical Character Attributes
  • Character Self-Awareness
  • Additional Character Identification Techniques
  • Trust Definitions
  • Waves of Trust
  • Four Cores of Trust
  • Toxic Trust and Antibiotics


CPE Credits Available

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  • Intermediate



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